Deke's Collection: Famous Comic Strip Books

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These penny books measure 2 3/4" x 3" x 1/8" and were published as series 1100A. There were six distinctive printings of this series:

First Printing: 3 color cover illustration (blue, yellow, red); plain red back, possible ads, 2 staples

Second Printing: 3 color cover illustration; red back with dark red stripe along the stapled edge, possible ads, 2 staples

Third Printing: 3 color cover illustration; plain red back, no ads; one staple

Fourth Printing: 2 color cover illustration (yellow, red); red back with black strip along stapled edge; a listing of pennybook titles with 2 staples

Fifth Printing: 2 color cover illustration; plain blue back cover with a dark blue stripe along the stapled edge; 2 staples; possible pennybook listing

Other possible printings may exist as well.

Currently, Deke's Collection is still looking for the following books: Don Winslow of the U.S. Navy and the Missing Admiral, and Freckles and His Friends Stage a Play. If you know where any of these may be found, please contact us at

We have used Lowery's excellent classification system for numbering purposes.

Source: Lowery, L. (1981). The Collector's Guide to Big Little Books and Similar Books.