Manoil Figures

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Manoil Toy Figures

Manoil Manufacturing Company was founded in Manhattan in the late 1920s and began toy soldier production in 1935-1936. The earliest figures are known for their “hollow base” design, which features a concave base. These figures are renown for appearing unrealistically robust; later figures would appear more realistic (O’Brien believes that M62-M71 are “the most authentic-looking American combat soldiers ever produced. Everything about them suggest that they are deep in the middle of war.”). By 1940, Manoil figures were in such demand that they company had to move to a larger production facility. Production lasted until April 1, 1942. Unlike many other manufacturers, Manoil was not able to develop any defense contracts; post-War production continued though not with the vigor or popularity that the company experienced pre-War.

Manoil figures are highly prized by collectors for their distinctive sculpts and interesting array of figures.

Source: O’Brien, R. (1997). Collecting American-made toy soldiers: Identification and Value Guide. Florence, AL: Books Americana.

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