The Grey Irons

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Grey Iron Casting Company, located in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, was founded as the Brady Machine Shop circa 1840 and rechristened as Grey Iron Casting Company in 1881 after a fire destroyed the original location. It was the first major dimestore toy soldier maker in the United States. Grey Iron was the only company to produce 3" and 3-1/4" iron toy soldiers. Production began in January, 1933, with the introduction of thirty-five different soldiers. In July, 1936, the "Iron Men" series, which featured more robust figures, were introduced; production of these figures lasted until the beginning of World War II, when the factory began to produce munitions. The figure molds were produced by Samuel Eshlemann, Samuel Schmidt, and Edward Musser.

Source: O'Brien, R. (1997). Collecting American-made toy soldiers: Identification and Value Guide. Florence, AL: Books Americana.

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G1 1 Colonial Soldier - G10 3 U.S. Infantry, Shoulder Arms

G11 3/1 U.S. Infantry, Port Arms - G20 4/3 U.S. Doughboy with Range Finder

G21 4/4 U.S. Doughboy Ammunition Carrier - G30 6/2 U.S. Doughboy Sentry

G31 6/3 U.S. Doughboy Bomber - G40 9 U.S.Marine

G41 10 Royal Canadian Police - G50 11M Indian Mounted

G51 11/1M Indian Scout Mounted - G60 13 U.S. Machine Gunner, early

G61 12 U.S. Machine Gunner - G70 14AW U.S. Naval Officer

G71 14/1W U.S. Sailor Signalman - G80 17/1 Legion Drum Major

G81 17/2 Legion Bugler - G90 18/5 Ethiopian Soldier

G91 Italian (English?) Desert Infantryman - G100 25 Aviator

G101 Ski Soldier S533 - G115 Foreign Legion Stretcher Bearer